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Holistic Health Coach for Stressed and Fatigued Women Who Want To Reclaim Their Health and Energy

Holistic Health Coaching designed to help you live the healthy life you deserve.

Ready to Take That First Step to Change Your Health, Change Your Life?

Holistic Health Coaching designed to help you live the healthy life you deserve.

Like Your Body Again

Love Your Body Again

Find a Sustainable Lifestyle

Increase Your Energy

Boost Your Self-Esteem

Get Your Vitality Back

My Coaching Approach

Reaching your grandest health aspirations doesn’t have to be hard.

I’m here to help you thrive.

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In my holistic approach to coaching, I help bring awareness, clarity and meaningful learning to the way you think, feel and act for healing your body and mind through a balanced lifestyle.  

You will find easy to implement, science-backed wellness strategies to help you feel good every day.  

We’ll take a deep-dive into your daily routine, eating habits, exercise schedule and more to determine exactly what’s holding you back from feeling your best and being your best.

It’s simple once you know exactly how to eat, move and treat your unique body.

Your body isn’t like everyone else’s and it won’t benefit from a one-size-fits-all approach.

It will thrive with a customized, personalized and effective program that fits seamlessly into your life, repairs your system on a cellular level and supports your progress with on-going accountability and partnership—with me, your Holistic Health and Emotional Eating Coach.

We create your Health and Life Changing Wellness Plan considering your Circle of Life, a set of nutrition guidelines, SMART goal setting, tools, fitness techniques and self-care rituals that will elevate your well-being.

Too much stress, lack of sleep, food choices, caffeine, the effects of over-indulgence, no exercise and habits that sabotage your greatness—all of these contribute to your lack of energy, brain function and body performance. 

You have the power to change your health and change your life.

You can completely elevate the way you show up in your life by leveraging what you eat (your secondary food) and how you treat your body and mind (your primary food) on a daily basis.

As your personal wellness expert and accountability partner, I will lead you through strategies that optimize your unique, bio-individual body and fit into your life.  

Choose private coaching to improve your health, vitality and life.

One-on-one personal guidance to support you through diet and lifestyle adjustments to live your best life and achieve your health and wellness goals.


Increase your energy

Ditch the fatigue

Take control of your stress

Get your vitality back

Learn to love yourself again

Achieve your health goals

Feel good

Cynthia Hengeli

What is Holistic Health Coaching with Cynthia?

We’ll start with a free STRATEGY CALL to get to know each other and explore your objectives, expectations and needs.

It’s also an opportunity for you to discover my coaching style, see if we’re a good fit and decide if we want to work together.

We focus on 3 specific things:

    1. Where you are now

    2. Where you want to be

    3. How to get there

    Moving forward, you can expect:

    • Private nutrition health coaching sessions by Zoom, Facetime or phone
    • Discussion of your progress, what’s working and what isn’t
    • Development materials, assessments, tools and handouts
    • On-going motivational and emotional support
    • Lifestyle adjustments to build sustainable wellness
    • Unlimited email support

    Regain Control of Your Well-being

    The transformation experience that yanks you from survival mode and empowers you to access your health, energy, self-love and greatness.

    Transformation Coaching

    You are overwhelmed and need clarity.  You want an in-depth exploration to uncover emotional blocks to optimum health and actions to put in place that will allow you to sustain a consistent path for a lifetime of wellness.

      • Health consultation and assessment
      • Goal setting framework
      • Diet and lifestyle adjustments to support your health and vitality
      • Recognize and release old behavior patterns that no longer serve you and begin new
      • Create easy and sustainable routines that improve vitality and energy
      • Uncover the habits that contributed to your current lack of health and steps to reverse those habits
      • Incorporate new habits to achieve long-term health goals
      • Action plan to achieve your ideal weight, strengthen your body and rebalance your system
      • Improve digestion to enhance absorption of nutrients
      • Reduce pain and inflammation
      • Manage stress and chronic fatigue
      • Participate in your healing process and become empowered
      • Inspiration to take back your health and feel your best
          • Regain the confidence to be healthy and happy
          • Understand your own mind and body patterns to create a lifetime of better choices
          • Steps to build the foundation for your ultimate wellness
          • Assessments, tools, coaching handouts, nutrition articles to support your growth 
          • Recipes and menu ideas based on your specific needs
          • Just keep moving workout plan
          • Uncover emotional blocks to self-care and discover what works for you
          • Discussion of your progress, what’s working and what isn’t
          • Continuous encouragement, inspiration and motivational support to maintain your momentum
          • Unlimited email support with a 24-hour response
          • 12 one-hour nutrition health coaching sessions, 2 per month
          • A 45-minute nutrition session to gift to a family member/friend
          • Investment: $1818  

          The Results

          Freedom from endless fatigue and insomnia

          Elevated energy without reliance on caffeine

          Lowered stress and calm state of mind

          A shifted relationship with food--overcoming food anxiety and emotional eating

          Binge/restrict eating cycles eliminated

          Food and sugar cravings are crowded out--smart swaps added

          Clarity about ideal dietary and nutrient selections to support your excellence

          Loss of excess weight and reduced inflammation

          Improved digestion/optimized gut health--constipation, pain and bloating gone

          Health goals accomplished treating the root causes verses the symptoms

          An excercise/movement plan that works for you

          Work-life balance

          Improved mood and capacity for dealing with tough moments

          Healthier lifestyle habits

          Improved mental clarity and agility

          Integration of self-care practices that center and relax you

          Renewed admiration and respect for your body

          Total confidence about how to manage your health

          Foundation is in place for a fulfilling and happy life

          Transformed and upbeat outlook on life and future

          Elevated motivation and excitement to go the extra mile in life--because you feel amazing

          And so much more

          An Optimized You is Waiting!


          “I appreciate you for everything. Your coaching, your trust, your love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re a professional and I sincerely trust you.”


          “My time with Cynthia has been productive and I have had great success in meeting my goals, largely due to her expert coaching skills.”

          Cynthia Hengeli

          Hi, I’m Cynthia

          I know what it’s like to be a high achiever, yet constantly feeling exhausted, over-whelmed, chronically stressed, consuming endless caffeine and sugar to find the burst of energy just to make it through the next thing. And then feel worse. Doing your best daily to cope with the adrenal fatigue and nutrient deficiencies magnified by the profound loneliness felt when suffering and not having anyone by your side to turn to for help. That was me.

          I believe you should and deserve to have a guide to help you.

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          Leveraging my personal experience, education and holistic health and emotional eating expertise, I’ve enjoyed playing an amazing role in the wellness transformation of busy achievers. I’ve helped busy women break through the obstacles that prevented them from being their healthiest, happiest and fittest selves in mind, body, heart and spirit. I’d like to help you, too.

          If you’re ready to explore a few fundamental lifestyle tweaks so you can stop bouncing from one diet and wellness trend to another and instead be the healthy, energetic and vibrant person you want to be
          then check out my private coaching program.

          1. We Talk – Let’s become acquainted so I can learn about your struggles and goals and provide some immediate guidance and help.

          2. We Meet – If we agree to continue our conversation, we meet 1 on 1 and work together through virtual holistic health coaching sessions.

          3. Find Health – Break free from the cycle of poor health, confusion, exhaustion and overwhelm and finally move toward living your best and healthiest life.

          Feel better and live a healthier life. Book a free strategy call now and together we can move you from survival mode to one of abundance with sustainable solutions for your wellness—igniting the vibrant life you deserve to live.

          Your Path to Wellness

          3-steps to go from surviving to thriving.

          1. We Create a Plan

          Everything begins with a strategy based on your individual lifestyle, challenges, health, and diet goals

          2. We Meet Consistently

          With a plan in place, we’ll determine the best virtual meeting cadence to help you stay on track

          3. Become Healthy & Vibrant

          Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to become to live your best and healthiest life

          Step 1 is free! Let’s begin with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.

          Begin Your Transformation Today!

          Get a 7-day plan to a healthier you.

          You’ll receive “7 Days to Holistic Health”. Each daily guide offers you a plan to help you get one day closer to the vibrant life you deserve.