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About Cynthia

Holistic Health Coach for Stressed and Fatigued Women Who Want To Reclaim Their Health and Energy

Holistic health and emotional eating coach to help you discover the keys to unlock your wellness plan.

About Cynthia

Helping You Conquer Stress, Cravings, and Fatigue to Master Your Health

Holistic health and emotional eating coach to help you discover the keys to unlock your wellness plan.

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Achieve Your Health Goals

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Reclaim Your Confidence

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Cynthia Hengeli

Hi, I’m Cynthia

I know what it’s like to be a high achiever, yet constantly feeling exhausted, over-whelmed, chronically stressed, consuming endless amounts of caffeine and sugar to find the burst of energy just to make it through the next thing. And then feel worse. Doing your best daily to cope with the chronic fatigue, stress, adrenal dysfunction and nutrient deficiencies magnified by the profound loneliness felt when suffering and not having anyone by your side to turn to for help. That was me.

I believe you should and deserve to have a guide to help you.

Read Cynthia's Story

I’m a former corporate executive. My passion led me to boot-strap a business 20 years ago. It was great! We won a bunch of awards for fast revenue growth—and, I mean fast and furious, hair-on-fire, kind of growth. It was exciting!

After many years of running from one thing to the next, trying to keep all the balls in the air with the business and my personal life, managing long, stressful days, trying to overcome sleepless nights, functioning in constant fight or flight mode, I hit the wall. I burned out. I caved. I was tired. I was sick. I felt upside down in every way with my health, mind and body. And, I still had a business to run.

My journey in holistic health coaching began when I realized then that I needed to make a change. I was fed up with how I felt and wanted to restore health and balance in my life. I was a lifelong learner of health, fitness and diet and soon learned the answer involved more than simply exercising and eating well.

I took a deep-dive into my own wellness journey to figure out what was going on, gradually making major lifestyle changes in every area of my life. With time, I eliminated what wasn’t serving me any longer and welcomed new ways of navigating my life and well-being so that I would feel good again.

I returned to school and learned to heal and empower myself more naturally from the inside out with nutrition and a focus on my circle of life to create the balance I was craving. It took time and patience. I had ups and downs.

Ultimately, I became a Certified IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) Health and Emotional Eating Coach. My life, health and well-being have changed in so many ways. I’m grateful.

Leveraging my personal experience, education, holistic health and emotional eating expertise, I now enjoy playing an amazing role in the wellness transformation of busy achievers.

I’ve helped busy women break through the obstacles that prevented them from being their healthiest, happiest and fittest selves in mind, body, heart and spirit. I’d like to help you, too.

If you’re ready to explore a few fundamental lifestyle tweaks so you can stop bouncing from one diet and wellness trend to another and instead be the healthy, energetic and vibrant person you want to be then check out my private coaching program.

Feel better and live a happier life. Book a free strategy call now and together we can move you from survival mode to one of abundance with sustainable solutions for your wellness—igniting the vibrant life you deserve to live.

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Your Path to Wellness

3-steps to go from surviving to thriving.

1. We Create a Plan

Everything begins with a strategy based on your individual lifestyle, challenges, health, and diet goals

2. We Meet Consistently

With a plan in place, we’ll determine the best virtual meeting cadence to help you stay on track

3. Become Healthy & Vibrant

Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to become to live your best and healthiest life

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