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  • Ignite Your Energy and Push Fatigue Away
    Boost your metabolism with food, not caffeine
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    Stop the guilt by defeating your cravings and get a new plan for your diet and grocery cart without dieting
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Cynthia Hengeli

Your Path to Wellness

3-steps to go from surviving to thriving.

1. We Create a Plan

Everything begins with a strategy based on your individual lifestyle, challenges, health, and diet goals

2. We Meet Consistently

With a plan in place, we’ll determine the best virtual meeting cadence to help you stay on track

3. Become Healthy & Vibrant

Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to become to live your best and healthiest life

Step 1 is free! Let’s begin with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.

I understand how frustrating it is to feel unhealthy

Fatigue, stress, cravings, nutrient deficiencies, and caffeine to keep going and doing can be emotionally and physically exhausting. I know, I’ve been there as an overworked executive in corporate America. I got fed up with how I felt and decided to make a change to restore health and balance in my life. Today, as a Holistic Health Coach, I help busy women break through the obstacles from being unhealthy to an optimized wellness plan for transformation across all areas of their lives.

Cynthia Hengeli - Holistic Health Coach

Certified Holistic Health Coach and Emotional Eating Coach

Cynthia Hengeli
IIN Health Coach - INHC
IIN Alumni - Emotional Eating Psychology Course

“I appreciate you for everything. Your coaching, your trust, your love and support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re a professional and I sincerely trust you.”


“My time with Cynthia has been productive and I have had great success in meeting my goals, largely due to her expert coaching skills.”


“Cynthia gave me a different perspective, which led my thoughts to become more positive, becoming less worried about my life in general.”

Cynthia Hengeli

About My Approach

  • I specialize in helping women balance their diet, nutrition, fitness, career, relationships, home environment and so much more
  • My focus as your guide is to uncover the root causes of your obstacles and find sustainable solutions for your wellness
  • I’ve enjoyed playing an amazing role in the wellness transformation of busy women.

As a Certified Health and Emotional Eating Coach, I know you want to be a healthy, vibrant woman with abundant energy that has a plan for your diet and body. To do this, you need to master your metabolism, ignite that energy, conquer those cravings, and create new habits.

The problem is you’re battling exhaustion, stress, and an over-dependence on endless amounts of caffeine or sugary foods just to make it through the day. This is causing you to feel lousy and out of control, trapped in a self-sabotaging cycle with your diet, health, and well-being.

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I believe everyone deserves to feel good in their body and have access to a coach who can help them overcome fatigue, a sluggish metabolism, poor diet and self-sabotaging habits. I know how it feels to be a busy, high-achieving woman yet overwhelmed and exhausted by issues like adrenal fatigue, stress and nutrient deficiencies. I also understand the loneliness that comes with suffering and not having anyone to help.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Emotional Eating Coach, I’ve learned the best methods for facing these challenges head-on.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We Plan – Let’s jump on a complimentary 30-minute strategy call so I can learn more about your struggles and challenges, health, lifestyle and goals.
  2. We Meet – If we agree we’re a good fit, we can talk about how we’ll work together through 1 on 1 coaching.
  3. Find Health – Finally, break free from the cycle of confusion and guilt and move towards being a healthy, vibrant woman with a life-long plan for your diet and body.

To get started, book a free strategy call, and in the meantime, download “7 Days to Holistic Health”.

End the fatigue, cravings, and diet missteps in their tracks and move towards living your best life as a healthier and happier version of you.

Without taking action, your health will stay stagnant or decline.

You no longer need to fight the stress, exhaustion, diet trends, and self-sabotaging habits hurting your quality of life on your own. As your guide, I’ll help you break through the obstacles.

Cynthia Hengeli